What To Pack For A Trip To Nainital? : Month By Month Style Guide

When you’re getting ready for a trip to the beautiful hill town of Nainital, it’s really important to pack the right clothes. This will help you have a comfy and fun time. The weather in Nainital can be different in each season, so you need to pick the right clothes.

In this guide, we’ll help you know what clothes to bring each month. This will make sure you’re ready for the weather and have a great vacation.

Key Takeaways

To stay comfortable and enjoy the trip, plan your suitcase as per the varying weather conditions and seasons. 

Good footwear options from trekking to other activities are very important. 

Wear traditional clothes for a deeper cultural connection with Nainital’s history. 

Layering is the smart strategy you can adopt to explore Nainital and be always on the comfortable side. 

Nainital’s Best Times for a Great Visit


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Experience Nainital’s charm throughout the year like feeling spring’s blossoms and warmth, enjoy comfortable summers filled with activities, admire autumn’s colorful beauty, and enjoy cozy winter delights. 

Plan your visit to match your preferences for an unforgettable Nainital experience.

Month Wise Guide To What To Pack For Nainital

If dressing appropriately is one of your checklist boxes when visiting the city of lakes, here’s what you need to know before you start to pack for your much-awaited trip in the lap of nature. 

January – February: Winter Wonderland

During these months, Nainital gets quite cold, and the temperatures go down a lot. So, it’s a good idea to bring clothes that keep you warm. Wear clothes like cozy woolen sweaters, warm thermal clothes, and heavy jackets that feel like a warm hug. 

And don’t forget to bring gloves for your hands, scarves to wrap around your neck, and a soft beanie to cover your head. These things will help you stay warm when you’re out exploring the outdoors.

March – April: Spring Awakening

When spring hits Nainital, the weather starts to get a bit warmer. But remember, mornings and evenings can still be a little chilly, even though the days are nice and comfy. 

So, wearing different layers of clothes is a good idea. Putting on a light sweater that’s not too heavy, some shirts with long sleeves, and jeans that feel nice is a nice idea. Oh, and it’s smart to bring a light jacket or a cozy cardigan too. That way, if the weather changes suddenly, you’ll be ready for it.

May – June: Summer Comfort

When summer arrives in Nainital, the weather becomes nice and comfortable. Lots of people like to visit during this time. It’s a good idea to wear clothes that are light and easy to breathe in. 

Think about wearing shirts made of cotton, shorts, skirts, and dresses that feel breezy. And don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, wear sunglasses to shield your eyes, and a wide hat to keep the sun off your face. These things will help you have a fun and safe time under the sun.

July – August: Monsoon Magic

When the monsoon season visits Nainital, it brings a lot of refreshing rain that makes everything green and lush. It’s really nice to see! But since it rains quite a bit, it’s smart to bring clothes that won’t get wet easily. A raincoat and an umbrella to stay dry is a must. Also, think about wearing clothes made from special materials like nylon or polyester that dry quickly after getting wet.

And because the streets and paths can get wet and a bit slippery, it’s important to wear strong shoes that won’t let water in. These shoes are like a shield for your feet. With all these things, you can enjoy the rainy season and stay comfortable while exploring.

September – October: Autumn Charm

Autumn is a really nice time to go to Nainital because the weather stays pleasant. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, which is great! When you pack for this time, think about wearing different kinds of light clothes on top of each other. For example, you can wear shirts with long sleeves, sweaters that aren’t heavy, and jeans that feel good. And just in case the evenings get a little cooler, you might want to bring a light jacket or a soft shawl that you can wrap around yourself.

Since you’ll probably want to explore the town and the areas around it, it’s a good idea to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking. These shoes should make your feet happy as you walk around and see all the beautiful sights. So, with these clothes and shoes, you’ll be all set for a lovely autumn adventure in Nainital.

November – December: Pre-Winter Bliss

When these months come around, you’ll notice that the temperature starts to get colder again, which means winter is on its way. So, it’s a good idea to bring clothes that keep you warm like cozy sweaters, jackets that feel like a warm hug, and pants that are a bit thicker. 

Also, a really warm coat and shoes that have special insulation inside can help you stay comfy when you’re outside doing things.

Even though it’s chilly, you can still have a lot of fun and explore. These clothes will help you feel nice and toasty while you enjoy all the outdoor activities Nainital has to offer.

Nainital’s Traditional Dress: A Glimpse of Local Culture

The clothes that people in Nainital wear in a special way show us about their culture from a long time ago. Even though the clothes people wear every day have changed with time, the traditional clothes are still important for special times like celebrations. When you learn about and wear these traditional clothes, you can feel more connected to the history of Nainital and the people who live there. It’s like discovering a special part of this wonderful place.

Women’s Attire

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The traditional dress for women in Nainital showcases the rich heritage of the region. The attire consists of a vibrant, colorful saree paired with intricate jewelry. The saree often features traditional patterns and designs that represent the local culture. Women complement their attire with various accessories like necklaces, bangles, and earrings, adding an elegant touch to their look.

Men’s Attire


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Men in Nainital wear special clothes that are a bit simpler but still very important to their culture. These clothes include a long shirt called a kurta and loose pants called “pajama.” These clothes are often worn during special times like festivals and celebrations. When men wear these clothes, it’s like showing respect for the history and special traditions of Nainital.

Additional Bonus Tips

You can’t miss these essential tips to make your trip even better: 

Layering is Key:

Nainital’s weather can be unpredictable, so layering allows you to adjust your clothing as needed throughout the day.

Footwear Matters:

No matter if you’re going for a hike and need strong boots, or if it’s rainy and you need shoes that keep your feet dry, or even if you’re just taking a relaxed walk and want comfy sneakers, remember to choose the right shoes for what you’re doing. Having the right shoes will help you have a good time and be safe while you’re having fun.

Accessorize Wisely:

Don’t forget accessories like sunglasses, hats, and scarves to protect yourself from the sun, wind, and rain.

Respect Local Customs:

While Nainital is relatively relaxed in terms of clothing, it’s advisable to dress modestly when visiting religious sites.

Stay Informed:

Keep an eye on weather forecasts before your trip to Nainital to make sure you’re prepared for any sudden changes.

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Your Nainital experience can be greatly enhanced by packing the right clothes for the season. This month-by-month style guide will help you create a well-rounded vacation wardrobe that ensures both comfort and style, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of this hill station, regardless of the time of year you visit.


Which month is the best to visit Nainital?

March to June are believed to be the best months to visit Nainital with your partner, family, friends, or even solo. These summer and spring months offer ideal weather to explore the best of the place.

Are Sweaters needed in Nainital?

During January and February, the temperatures in Nainital go down a lot. So, it’s a good idea to bring clothes like warm sweaters that keep you warm.

What type of shoes should I wear in Nainital? 

If you are more of a trekking person and love to walk a lot, sports shoes are the best option for you. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable pair of slippers. 

What should I pack for a three day trip to Nainital?

Your packing strictly depends on what season it is when you are going there. Make sure to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly to stay comfortable during your three-day trip to Nainital.

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