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Plan your destination wedding and events in Jim Corbett

Ponder being wedded in the midst of the untouched wilds of Jim Corbett, encircled by verdant forests, running rivers, and melodious sounds from nature. When you think about destination weddings or planning for an event that will be different from others, Jim Corbett is the perfect place for you. Mallard Resort is at the heart of this natural haven; it is one of  Vedikant Resorts and Hotels and could be a great location for a magical wedding or event experience.

Vedikant Hospitality: Leading in Luxury and Professionalism

VEDIKANT HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED has made its name as one of India’s finest hospitality companies specializing in tourism and luxury hotels. Vedikant means excellence; they are known to be leaders in their field because they have always been top performers. They are able to run guest houses, serviced apartments, corporate residences thereby ensuring visitors get an extraordinary stay.

Exceptional Services and Customized Experiences

Vedikant Hospitality is known for its unmatched services and individual approach. The team is committed to delivering professional and extraordinary services, making sure that each occasion is customized according to the unique preferences of every customer. Regardless of whether it’s a royal wedding, an intimate gathering or a corporate event, Vedikant believes in excellent service provision which ensure a successful and unforgettable event.

Venue that is Out of This World

Mallard Resort in Vedikant Resorts and Hotels brings together the traditional white-washed Greek architecture with earthy Bohemian minimalism. A distinctive design with carefully selected patterned rugs, dream catchers and quirky hanging textiles creates an atmosphere that is free-spirited and eclectic. The resort has rustic, colonial as well as tribal influences which provides a picturesque setting for any function.

Nature’s Own Beauty

Mallard resort, located in the untouched wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park, offers a quiet and attractive place for weddings and other functions. The resort is surrounded by lush green forests as well as beautiful hills that give it an environmental ambiance that improves the beauty of all occasions. Also available on this property is a human-made pond which attracts several species of birds thereby giving tourists a chance to see some wildlife up close. It is not possible to forget the moments spent during breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Luxury Amenities & Recreational Activities

Mallard Resort assures its clientele of experiencing both luxury and nature concurrently. There are various recreational activities offered at this resort, comfortable accommodations as well as delicious food services. The rooms are made in such a way as to give one a relaxed stay with all modern amenities being provided for. For dining purposes, Himalayan Spices restaurant at the resort offers finger licking traditional dishes prepared from fresh ingredients brought directly from the Himalayas. They also have an interactive environment between customers and staff which creates a welcoming atmosphere thus ensuring their diners have fun experiences while eating here.


Vedikant Hospitality focuses on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Green energy resources, biodegradable packaging materials and a no-plastic policy characterize the resort. The stress on hygienic cooking environment as well as promoting healthy social interactions among members of society is indicative of Vedikant’s commitment to sustainable and responsible hospitality.

Destination for every occasion

Mallard Resort is a perfect place where multiple events can be held catering for different preferences and interests. Be it a wedding or a corporate retreat or even a family gathering, this resort is the best choice for all occasions. It suits meditation groups, book lovers, peace seekers or nature enthusiasts because of its calm environment and luxurious facilities.

The Ultimate Wedding Experience

A Mallard Resort wedding is a blend of luxury, nature and impeccable service; offering tailor-made wedding packages with an eye on every detail. Dream weddings are made possible by beautiful venues, sumptuous accommodations, exquisite meals plus recreational activities at Mallard Resort.

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